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The Misfits: The story of underground innovation“ ist der Vortragstitel von Alexa Clay und stellt in den Vordergrund, was wir von Gangstern, Dealern und anderen cleveren ökonomischen Subkulturen für das Business von Morgen lernen können.

Alexa is passionate about subcultures and innovation from unlikely places. With a BA from Brown University and a MSc. from Oxford University, Alexa works to create bridges and opportunities between misfit subcultures and the formal economy. She believes the underworld is filled with natural-born-innovators and they have more in common with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs  than you might think.

Alexa is the co-author of The Misfit Economy, named the best business book to read in 2015 by The World Economic Forum, TechRepublic, The Telegraph and Huffington Post. In the book Alexa interviews Somali Pirates, LA drug dealers, young hackers and NY con artists to unveil their remarkable ingenuity.

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